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This blog isn't about myself. 
It's about you, about us... 
So when I speak about myself, it is more to show my experiences
and share data that has been collected. 
I wish to add value to the lives of those who take the time to read, watch
and observe this blog. 
Thank you for your time so far. 
We are stronger together. 
Let's start! 

I've come to realize that I've been quite gifted when it comes to spreading
good vibes, positive energy. This is according to people around me. 
In reality, this can be developed by all of us. 
Heck, we all have positive energy within ourselves (protons). 

I've chosen to use music as my craft long before I even knew my purpose. 
This was out of passion. Music just speaks to me, gives an inexplainable feeling. 
As I've been focusing on my self-consciousness, lessons have constantly
been re-writing the very equations that equal my thoughts. 
Music is definitely a passion of mine but entertainment has been redefined for me. 
Comedy is a new path I've come across. 
Not necessarily the usual comedian route. 
More like being instead of doing. 
And it doesn't seem to hard since according to people around me, I'm funny already. 
(I don't think you can say you're funny unless other do lol) 
Life is fun. It's all about perception... 

Everyday you make choices... 
You can choose to think positively or negatively. 
Your brain constantly sends signals through your body. 
The brain is so powerful. 
Funny story: I was talking about wet dreams as a kid with a friend... 
Long story short, he said "Yo... Can you imagine? Our minds are so strong it can
make us *** while we're asleep." 
That blew my mind (lol) because it's so true. 
So imagine what you can do when you simply put your mind to it. 

Do us all a favor and from the moment you finish reading this post,
think about something positive. Anything. It'll make you feel better. 
The next step would be to DO something positive. 
Be Qonstructive. 
I leave you with this... 'Til next time! 

- Gwapo

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