How Most Rappers "Make It" In The Music Industry

Being an artist myself, I often search for information regarding the music industry. 
As most of you know, YouTube amongst other platforms, suggests content you are likely to enjoy according to your consumption history.
If you didn't know well now you know!

Anyway, I stumbled upon this video by Rob Level (Smart Rapper) on YouTube and it hit me that you might want to know the answer to  
'How Most Rappers "Make It" In The Music Industry'.

Here is the video I watched which gives full detail on this subject. 
Rob Level is a successful Rapper/Entrepreneur who has taken his career to Los Angeles and has seen what goes on behind the scenes. 
Pretty interesting what he says... 

If you don't have any of these points going on don't worry, you can still make it. 

There are so many who have proven it.

So do you, be you and keep fighting! 

'Til Next Time!

~ Gwapo

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